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Sight - Handspring Puppet Company Horses

Inspired by an age-old art form - puppet making, Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones of the Handspring Puppet Company, created nine beautifully crafted, life size horse puppets for the award winning production War Horse. The production is based on a children's novel by Michael Morpurgo, which tells the story of a young Albert and his horse, Joey in a setting of the first World War. War Horse was originally performed at the National Theatre, London, but has since moved to the New London Theatre in West End,London. It takes three handlers to breath life into the movements and actions of these horses, but these amazing puppets have earned the company four awards: Olivier Award for Design of Warhorse with Rae Smith; Evening Standard Theatre Award for Design of Warhorse with Rae Smith; London Critics' Circle Theatre Award for Design of Warhorse with Rae Smith and a Tony Award. They will also be featured at this years BASA Awards on the 29th of August. For more information on the War Horse Production go to http://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/ and for more information on the Handspring Puppet Company go to http://www.handspringpuppet.co.za/ (TM).

Smell - Essential Life Scented Candles

The Essential Life Shop in Parkhurst (JHB), has added a new product to their already existing Acacia Range: inspired by the Acacia Tree, which consists of tea sets, towels and now these stunning candles. The candles came as a result of the owner, Adrian Lombard, picking up a branch that had fallen off an Acacia tree, cutting it up into three sections and creating a cast to be used to make the candles. These candles are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also give off the natural scent of sandalwood essential oils that has been mixed into the raw wax thus allowing the constant emission of scent from the burning candles. The candles are now available for sale at their Parkhurst store. For more information on Essential Life products go to http://www.essentialliferetail.co.za/ (TM).

Sound - Possessed Hand

In the 21st century sound is part of everyday life. People can create their own music using digital software, which can be found online. For the "purist" this approach of creating music might not be appealing, but also learning how to play an instrument is somewhat challenging. The Possessed Hand is a device that might actually change this. It is has been created to aid new musicians in learning how to play their instrument - in this case any stringed instrument. It helps the hand play the instrument without instructions from the brain. The sheet music is used to generate instructions which are sent to the device. The device then sends an electrical pulse through the skin to the nerves that power the movement of the fingers, by altering the timing and intensity of the shocks. Emi Tamaki of the University of Tokyo, led the research and explains that the electrical frequency mimic massage technics, which leaves no room for fear. For more information go to http://lab.rekimoto.org/projects/possessedhand/ (TM).

Touch - The 'Cradle' rocking chair

The 'Cradle' rocking chair was created by Richard Clarkson and his design team. The idea was born from research conducted on children suffering from RMD( Rhythmic Movement Disorder) and the calming effect that the rocking movement can have on children with autism. Initially the chair was being created for children with these needs, but then the team realized that the need for comfort and a sense of security was universal, which is why they created the adult cradle seat. The seat is made from environmentally friendly sources - even the glue that is used to bind the plywood layers in eco-friendly. The 'Cradle' rocking chair is a relaxing retreat for those who are eager to escape the daily grind of a 9 to 5 life, and creates a beautifully comfortable cocoon from the hustle and bustle of modern life. For more information on the 'Cradle' rocking chair go to http://synergy341.tumblr.com/ (TM).

Taste - Ramen Noodle Bar

There has been a massive, regeneration of the Braamfontein urban space and now there are some new eateries opening to tantalize your taste buds. This August, Ramen - a funky noodle bar - will be opening its doors to the public. Ramen is a type of Japanese noodle soup, they will serve at the bar. The bar is situated in The Grove in Juta and Melle Street and was inspired by event planner Marc Hirschowitz's travels to Tokyo, Japan. What he realized on his trip to Japan, was that the restaurant he went to, only specialized in noodles (including ramen noodles). This was the spring board for a noodle bar that only features three dishes on its menu: stir-fry, vegetarian ramen, with crispy udon noodles and vegetarian or chicken curry with rice. The restaurant opens from Monday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm. The available dishes range from R35 to R40 for a main course sized portion. For more information got to www.ramen.co.za or call 011 403 0788 (TM).

Observation of the month
Curated Information

In line with Flux's own belief in the power of "Curated Networks", this observation on curated information is just the evolution of what all major online companies are doing: tracking your behavioural patterns. But here we illustrate the potential for good with "curated information".


Flavor of the month - Wood frame sunglasses

There has been a growing trend for accessories made from natural products and this idea is by far one of the most stylish approaches to eco-friendly fashion. Wooden frame sunglasses are trending as must-have fashion accessory for summer. Following suit from Jeepers Peepers, Shwood sunglasses are environmentally friendly as they are created from used, broken or old skate boards and have lenses that give 100% UVA/UVB protection from the suns rays. Now there is a group of UCT students who have ensured the South African Public is not left behind, creating their own wood frame sunglasses called Hout Couture (the word 'Hout' is derived from the Afrikaans word 'Houd' meaning 'wood'). Each pair has visible bumps and knots found in the tree bark used to make the sunglasses, making each pair produced unique. For every pair of sunglasses sold Hout Couture will plant a seed through the Eco-Schools Programme an initiative supported by WWF - South Africa and the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa. To order a pair of theses sunglasses or for more information go to http://www.houtcouture.com/ (TM).

Finger on the Pulse - 36 Boutiques Relaunch

36 Boutiques have relaunched their website, which offers online shopping for South Africans, as well as a more interactive and stimulating experience for those who enjoy online retail shopping. It still has its infamous Flash Sale's, but it has added 36 Magazine, 36 TV and have their own 36 Council. 36 Boutiques is owned by media 24 is a massive push by the media giant to establish an early and strong foothold in the South African e-commerce arena. Statistics support this as 71% of the 6 million internet users in South Africa are all online shoppers. This also indicates that South African society is getting comfortable with e-commerce and online shopping and hence the reason why 36 Boutiques felt the need to add more editorial content to their online store. It's like our own little Net - a - Porter. For more information go to http://www.36boutiques.com/ (TM).

How cool is this? - Bio - degradable Funeral Clothes

Pia Interlandi is a fashion designer whose work often incorporates death as a scientific and psychological concept. Her current PhD study at Melbourne's RMIT University, entitled [A]Dressing Death: Garments for the Grave has caught Flux Trends' attention as this study focuses on the decomposition of clothing and textiles and has with time evolved into the study of the design of funerary garments and the dressing of the deceased. Through rigorous study and experimentation she has been able to produce clothing that can be worn by the deceased, which is also 100% bio - degradable. The Natural Earth Burial Garment Collection will soon be available for commercial sale. Fashionably morbid, or morbidly fashionable? For more information go to http://www.piainterlandi.com/addressing-death/ (TM).

Global Eye - Banksy Street Art App - Social commentary

Banksy is the well known and popular graffitti activist/artist who has been able to remain an enigma for many years. His work has been coveted by many including David Beckham himself. Those who are his fans and followers are now able to track his work on the street instead of online thus bringing them in close contact with his art works. iPhone has created a Banksy Location application which is able to assist you in finding the nearest work of art by Banksy by putting a pin on a map that shows the area and then gives directions to the piece of art. It also has a feature which is has video clips of the art work and a gallery of his artwork - for those who still prefer to view them in the comfort of our homes. For more information go to http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/banksy-locations/ (TM).



'The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.'

- Bertrand Russell


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